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The Risks, The Job, The Training

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Response / Training

Spill Management's courses focus on the conditions, risks and hazards that first responders, support teams and specialized resource personnel face from the moment a spill occurs until the product is cleaned up and sent for final disposition.

This is where Spill Management's training begins. Common sense, hands-on training. If the first people on the scene know what to do...most situations would not get out of hand.

Spill response is not a glorious career, facing danger and experiencing great feats of courage in IDLH conditions. It's a job requiring common sense, good judgement, training, practice, knowledge and experience.

The Risks, The Job, The Training - Packing a DrumSpill Management Inc. was formed to provide first responders with working skills to approach, secure, identify, assess and respond to hazardous material incidents. Our awareness and technical training focuses on taking the mystery out of hazardous material incidents and providing responders with "how-to-do's" that make a difference.

Each responder must be able to identify their own level of confidence and competence when dealing with hazardous materials. They must respect the products involved and understand the real and potential dangers of the situation. And, more importantly, they must never assume...

Spill Management's courses are developed from field experiences for the initial response, site remediation and support personnel faced with the response, clean-up and/or disposal of spilled products.

Courses are custom designed and taught in the client's working environment. The scope of the courses range from handling small laboratory-type spills involving vials or concentrated chemicals, medium-sized spills leaking from drums or large volume discharges of a thousand gallons per minute.

Industrial courses focus on the site-specific and product-specific needs of a facility. The specialized courses for all-risk and all-hazard type responders are taught within their geographical area, addressing environmental conditions as well as providing workable strategies and techniques which may be incorporated into contingency plans.

Since in an emergency, "No response team is an island" Spill Management encourages the participation of key observers from outside organizations. Key observer participation helps in-house response teams coordinate activities and understand the capabilities of emergency, response and support agencies.

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