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Response / Training

Cliff Holland founded Spill Management Inc. in 1989 to meet the site specific environmental needs of industry and government.

His experience has made Spill Management a leader in developing training, planning and assessment services that meet ISO 14001 (4.4.7) Standard and other Environmental Management Systems ( EMS).

Cliff's extensive knowledge of spill response techniques, handling, storage, treatment and disposal of hazardous materials was gained through first-hand experience and formal training.

As a responder and response team leader he became involved with the handling and disposal of hazardous materials in the late 1970s. His experiences included dealing with spills of known chemicals, unknown chemicals and chemical by-products. The spills ranged from large-volume discharges into the environment to small quantities of toxic materials in laboratories.

Mr. Holland's background includes:

  • Helping establish Canada's first transfer sites for chemical waste;
  • Operating Central Ontario's first dewatering and fixation plant;
  • Negotiating Canada's first household hazardous waste program in conjunction with the Kitchener-Waterloo Region and the Ontario Ministry of Environment;
  • Developing operation-specific programs to meet ISO 14001 (4.4.7) for Emergency Preparedness and Response;
  • Being accepted as an expert witness by the Ontario Court of Justice.

Spill Management Inc. is a member of the Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs, Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs, the Canadian Environmental Industries Association (CEIA) and the Community Awareness and Emergency Response (CAER) group of Hamilton-Wentworth.

Canada's Leading Site-Specific Training Organization